Why fire burns upward?

Why fire burns upward?

  • We all know that fire burns upward. But why?
  • We can understand this with a candle example.
  • When we burn a candle, then we saw that fire burns upward. In this process, base of flame not so hot than upper flame. So atom arround of upper flame get very hot and its density will decrease atoms arround of base of the flame get low heat and its density will increase. So, there is work a force due to difference in density, which apply opposite to the gravitational force. It is called Buyonacy Force.
  • The color of the flame is spooky blue light. 
  • So, fire burns upward due to buoyancy force.

How fire burns on the earth?

How fire Burns On The Earth?

  • Basically, Fire needs three requirements. In the nature, if three requirements are fulfilled, then fire is possible. Three requirements are heat, fuel and oxygen.

  • Oxygen only helps to burn fire. Oxygen helps to combine with fuel.
  • If any fuel gets heated in the presence of oxygen then atoms of fuels vibrates and after then if we continue to give then atoms doing dance and after that in the presence of the more heat bond of atoms are broken and then fuel reduce heat and light. This process is called Fire.
  • Fire color is orange and yellow.

  • For example, we took a wood. If we give heat to a wood, then atoms of wood are broke and fire will burn.
  • In wood C, H, O and some other elements are present.
  • When wood burns then it reduces C and H and happened their oxidation.
  • C change in CO2 due to oxidation and H change in H2O due to oxidation. We all know H2O. It is called water vapor.
  • So this process is called burns a fire.

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Top 5 Future Technology

1. Autonomous Robots

Top 5 Future Technology

We all know that #robots make easy our lives and help us for any hard work. But think a little about smart robots who can think independently. A robot, who can think smart and great new idea and felt everything and can give emotions, is called Autonomous Robots.
Scientists are working on this type robots. Many robots have built for army mission, but #scientists try to make a helper robot which can help people in their daily life. 
Think, When you wake up, then Robot offers you coffee and if you have any problem and you are saying then robot ask you for telling your problem and then the robot will give perfect solution and try to happy you. This is cool.

2. Screenless Display

Top 5 Future Technology

This is an amazing and advanced #Technology to display anything. It has 3d images and HD revolution images. It is automatically revolution entertainment. Hologram is the most common example for visual images on Screenless Display.

3. Wireless Electricity

Top 5 Future Technology

You will think that this is impossible, but it is possible. 
You need two coils, a transmitter coil and a receiver coil. AN alternating #current in the transmitter coil generates a magnetic field which includes a voltage in the receiver coil. This voltage can be used to power a mobile device or charge a battery. 
It is very amazing. It is possible by MIT. It is transforming  of electromagnetic pulse. So now you understand it.

4. Invisibility

Top 5 Future Technology

When a person sees an object, the seeing is made possible by the effect of light bouncing off that object and back to your eyes. Different surfaces reflect light in different ways, depending on how they are shaped at the microscopic level. So if we designed some things in such a way that they cancel out the effect of these things that allow you the to see things, then your things become is invisible.

5. Flying Cars

Top 5 Future Technology

It is a dream, but near 2050 it is becoming in reality. Scientists are trying  to make a #Flying car.
In many fiction film flying cars predict. It will very safe and cool. No traffic problem and no more need of road.

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